Gujjar the largest tribe of Pakistan residing in all Districts of the country. They are the symbol of Unity and Integrity of the country. Unfortunately, they are not well organized and not knowing each other at large. Similarly, due to lake of common platform, their issues are increasing day by day. The core issues of the Gujjars is low literacy rate and image building of the Tribe.

To address the issues of the tribe Gujjar Foundation Pakistan was established in April, 2014 by Mr. Atta ur Rahman Chohan and his colleagues to achieve the following basic objectives:

  • To create awareness among Gujjar Tribe.
  • To address the challenges being faced by the Gujjars by promoting educational activities.
  • To build IMAGE of Gujjar Tribe.
  • To develop mutual cooperation and help the needy peoples through social welfare activities.



Gujjar Foundation Pakistan assign itself a mission of undertaking all such tasks and activities which will lead to welfare and betterment of Gujjar community, in all its aspects, residing in Pakistan as well as abroad. The mission shall be undertaken with an all-inclusive wholesome approach encompassing, but not limited to social services, economic development, investment, education, business, counseling, marriages, employment, healthcare, cultural renaissance, charity disposal, community fellowship, tourism and protocols.



Promotion of shares values of understanding and mutual respect.

  • Establishment of a secretariat for Gujjar Foundation Pakistan (Regd.) and making it functional as a focal point for all the activities of the Foundation.
  • Promotion of cohesion and understanding and contacts between Gujjar Community living in Pakistan and abroad.
  • Steering the Foundation and its activities as a Registered Welfare Organization functioning on non-political, non-factional and non-religious basis.
  • Assist and empower Gujjars in Pakistan and abroad, to take an active role in community affairs and to encourage and guide them to ably plan, execute and monitor the local, regional, national and international activities fallingwithin the purview of the mission of the trust


Component of the Foundation

  • Gujjar Talent Forum
  • Gujjar Historical and Culture Society
  • Gujjar Writers Forum
  • Gujjar Marriage Link


Gujjar Talent Forum

  • Annual Talent Award
  • Educational Stipend for needy Students
  • Study abroad Assistance

Gujjar Historical and Culture Society

  • Gojjari Literary Society(بزم گوجری)
  • Gujjar Historical Society
  • Gujjar Writers Forum

Gujjar Social Services

  • Gujjar Marriage Link
  • Gujjar Blood Donor Society




Ph: +92-300-5515140


June 03, 2014